Enter the incredible Kandima Maldives Resort. 

Le Specs had the pleasure of exploring the country that is made up of over a thousand coral islands off the southwest coast of India. Maldives is a dream destination for obvious reasons of the golden sun, the whitest sand, clearest turquoise seas and amazing coral reefs. 

So really, what could be better than a few days on a tiny coral island in the middle of paradise? We're drawing a blank!

Switch off your minds and just completely, totally and utterly relax while we take you on a visual diary of Kandima Maldives and all that is on offer. Plus we want to show you how our jet-setting influencers are styling their holidays and travel tips from our very own creative, Hamish Tame.   

Forget normal, the mundane.

Kandima is a 3 kilometer resort located in a seriously stylish island setting with views one can only dream of.

There's a vast choice of both a la carte and all day dining restaurants and trendy bars that will have you losing track of time - luckily no one gets a hangover on holiday right? Right.

With the 100 meter outdoor pool at Breeze Pool Bar, tennis and volleyball courts, state of the art fitness club Burn, Aquaholics, watersports and art studio, you can live in the moment 24/7.

Play, explore and live in the moment 24/7!

Smart, playful, rooted and responsible, this 3-kilometer resort is a place with soul. It is all about genuine hospitality with a human touch and innovative solutions that make use of the latest technology. This affordable lifestyle resort caters for guests of all ages: families, couples, groups of friends and honeymooners. Whether you seek relaxation, both aquatic and island adventures, wellbeing, fitness or just family time, this beach resort has something for you. By the time we got to the airport, another decision was already made. There’s no question we’ll be back.

Kandima Maldives is much more than just a holiday, it’s a lifestyle! This game-changing destination definitely has the wow factor. See you there...



Hamish Tame, the designer behind Le Specs sure knows how to holiday in Paradise. Hamish's love for sunglasses is strong and his holiday tips no different. We caught up with Hamish for his tips 'n' tricks when jet-setting to Kandima Maldives.

How would you describe your holiday style?

Casual, yet festive. I love a good printed shirt to get into the holiday spirit! 🌺🍍

What’s your best tip for the plane ride?
Get yourself an Aesop face masque to stay hydrated on the plane. I apply it as soon as I’ve boarded, so I don’t feel dried up when I arrive.  

Where can we find you as soon as you arrive at your destination?
Walking around to get my bearings if it is a city, or diving into the water if there is a beach 🌊

Where can we find you on your first night on holiday?
Getting into the local cuisine. I always like to ask the hotel for their food and restaurant recommendations, because they’re generally more low-key and local than the top restaurants on ratings websites.

What drink are you ordering at the bar?
A spicy margarita or a whiskey sour please! 🍹 🍸

What are three packing essentials?
✔️Noise cancelling headphones – they make such a huge difference to having a peaceful flight.
✔️The Daily Edited phone charger – so I don’t stress when my phone is on its final 2%.
✔️A travel wallet – to keep your passport and tickets all together.

Who’s your current style icon?
Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Romeo & Juliet’ during the day, and Dickie Greenleaf from ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ in the evening


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